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Definition of SHAPE

Noun: shape  sheyp

  1. Any spatial attributes (especially as defined by outline)
    "he could barely make out their shapes";
    - form, configuration, contour, conformation
  2. The spatial arrangement of something as distinct from its substance
    "geometry is the mathematical science of shape";
    - form
  3. An alternative name for the body of a human being
    "Leonardo studied the shape";
    - human body, physical body, material body, soma, build, figure, physique, anatomy, bod, chassis, frame, form, flesh
  4. A concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept
    "a circle was the shape of his concept of life";
    - embodiment
  5. The visual appearance of something or someone
    "the delicate shape of his features";
    - form, cast
  6. The state of (good) health (especially in the phrases 'in condition' or 'in shape' or 'out of condition' or 'out of shape')
    - condition
  7. A perceptual structure
    - form, pattern
Verb: shape  sheyp
  1. Give direction to; be an influence on
    "experience often shapes ability";
    - determine, mold [N. Amer], influence, regulate, mould [Brit, Cdn]
  2. Make something, usually for a specific function
    "shape a figure";
    - form, work, mold [N. Amer], mould [Brit, Cdn], forge
  3. Give shape or form to
    "shape the dough";
    - form
  1. The supreme headquarters that advises NATO on military matters and oversees all aspects of the Allied Command Europe
    - Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe

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