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Definition of Snake

Noun: snake  sneyk

  1. Limbless scaly elongate reptile; some are venomous
    - serpent, ophidian
  2. A deceitful or treacherous person
    - snake in the grass
  3. Something long, thin, and flexible that resembles a snake
  4. A long flexible steel coil for dislodging stoppages in curved pipes
    - plumber's snake, auger
Verb: snake  sneyk
  1. Move smoothly and sinuously, like a snake
  2. Form a snake-like pattern
    "The river snakes through the valley"
  3. Move along a winding path
    "The army snaked through the jungle"
Noun: Snake
  1. A tributary of the Columbia River that rises in Wyoming and flows westward; discovered in 1805 by the Lewis and Clark Expedition
    - Snake River
  2. A long faint constellation in the southern hemisphere near the equator stretching between Virgo and Cancer
    - Hydra

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