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Definition of After

Preposition: after  ãf-tu(r)

  1. Subsequently to; at a later time than
    "I went for a walk after dinner"
  2. In pursuit of
    "run after him"
  3. Inquiring into
    "ask after her health"
  4. Next in position, sequence or rank
    "in the alphabet, B is after A"
  5. In allusion to, in imitation of; following or referencing
    "named after his grandfather"
  6. As a result of
    "she was sacked after her argument with the boss";
    - following
  7. Coming at a later time or previous position
    "he finished the race after me"; "he leaves a trail of destruction after him";
    - following, behind
Adverb: after  ãf-tu(r)
  1. Happening at a time subsequent to a reference time
    "two hours after that";
    - subsequently, later, afterwards, afterward, later on, since
  2. Behind or in the rear
    "and Jill came tumbling after"
Adjective: after  ãf-tu(r)
  1. Located farther aft
Conjunction: after  ãf-tu(r)
  1. In the following period of time
    "I went home after the match finished"

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