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Definition of Along

Adverb: along  u'long [N. Amer], u'lóng [Brit]

  1. With a forward motion
    "we drove along admiring the view"; "the horse trotted along at a steady pace"; "move along";
    - on
  2. In accompaniment or as a companion
    "his little sister came along to the movies"; "I brought my camera along"; "working along with his father"
  3. To a more advanced state
    "the work is moving along"; "well along in their research"; "hurrying their education along"; "getting along in years"
  4. In addition (usually followed by 'with')
    "we sent them food and some clothing went along in the package"; "along with the package came a bill"; "consider the advantages along with the disadvantages"
  5. In line with a length or direction (often followed by 'by' or 'beside')
    "pass the word along"; "ran along beside me"; "cottages along by the river"
Preposition: along  u'long [N. Amer], u'lóng [Brit]
  1. On, in traversing
    "came along the path";
    - by

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