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Definition of Built

Adjective: built  bilt

  1. (used of soaps or cleaning agents) having a substance (an abrasive or filler) added to increase effectiveness
    "the built liquid detergents";
    - reinforced
Verb: build (built)  bild
  1. Make by combining materials and parts
    "Some eccentric built an electric brassiere warmer";
    - construct, make
  2. Form or accumulate steadily
    "Resistance to the manager's plan built up quickly"; "Pressure is building up at the Indian-Pakistani border";
    - build up, work up, progress
  3. Build or create something abstract
    "build a reputation";
    - establish
  4. (chemistry) improve the cleansing action of
    "build detergents"
  5. Order, supervise, or finance the construction of
    "The government is building new schools in this state"
  6. Give form to, according to a plan
    "build a modern nation"; "build a million-dollar business"
  7. (architecture) be engaged in building
    "These architects build in interesting and new styles"
  8. Found or ground
    "build a defence on nothing but the accused person's reputation"
  9. Bolster or strengthen
    "build up confidence";
    - build up, work up, ramp up
  10. Develop and grow
    "Suspense was building right from the beginning of the opera"

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