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Definition of Cross

Verb: cross  krós

  1. Travel across or pass over
    "The caravan crossed almost 100 miles each day";
    - traverse, track, cover, pass over, get over, get across, cut through, cut across
  2. Meet at a point
    "The roads cross under the bridge";
    - intersect
  3. Hinder or prevent (the efforts, plans, or desires) of
    "cross your opponent";
    - thwart, queer, spoil, scotch, foil, frustrate, baffle, bilk
  4. Fold so as to resemble a cross
    "she crossed her legs"
  5. To cover or extend over an area or time period
    "Rivers cross the valley floor";
    - traverse, span, sweep
  6. Meet and pass
    "the trains crossed"
  7. Trace a line through or across
    "cross your 't'"
  8. Breed animals or plants using parents of different races and varieties
    "cross a horse and a donkey";
    - crossbreed, hybridize, hybridise [Brit], interbreed
Adjective: cross (crosser,crossest)  krós
  1. Extending or lying across; in a crosswise direction; at right angles to the long axis
    "cross members should be all steel";
    - transverse, transversal, thwartwise
  2. Annoyed and irritable
    "The cross little girls of today are the crabby old women of tomorrow!";
    - crabbed, crabby, fussy, grouchy, grumpy, bad-tempered, ill-tempered, arsey [Brit]
Noun: cross  krós
  1. A wooden structure consisting of an upright post with a transverse piece
  2. A marking that consists of lines that cross each other
    - crisscross, mark
  3. Any affliction that causes great suffering
    "that is his cross to bear";
    - crown of thorns
  4. (genetics) an organism that is the offspring of genetically dissimilar parents or stock; especially offspring produced by breeding plants or animals of different varieties or breeds or species
    "a mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey";
    - hybrid, crossbreed
  5. (genetics) the act of mixing different species or varieties of animals or plants and thus to produce hybrids
    - hybridization, hybridisation [Brit], crossbreeding, crossing, interbreeding, hybridizing, hybridising [Brit]
  6. (soccer) a kick in which the ball passes from one side of the pitch towards the centre
Noun: Cross  krós
  1. A representation of the structure on which Jesus was crucified; used as an emblem of Christianity or in heraldry

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