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Definition of Dippy

Adjective: dippy (dippier,dippiest)  di-pee

  1. Informal or slang term meaning insane, strange, eccentric or stupid
    "I think he's going dippy";
    - balmy [archaic], barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy [N. Amer], cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, kooky, kookie, loco, loony, loopy, nuts, nutty, round the bend, around the bend, wacky, whacky, daffy, nutsy [N. Amer], potty [Brit], daft as a brush [Brit], round the twist [Brit], wacko, cuckoo
  2. Guided by whim and fancy
    - flighty, flyaway, head-in-the-clouds, scatterbrained

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