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Definition of Fresh

Adjective: fresh (fresher,freshest)  fresh

  1. Recently made, produced, or harvested
    "fresh bread"; "a fresh scent"; "fresh lettuce"
  2. (of a cycle) beginning or occurring again
    "a fresh start"; "fresh ideas"
  3. Imparting vitality and energy
    "the fresh mountain air";
    - bracing, brisk, refreshing, refreshful, tonic
  4. Original and of a kind not seen before
    "the computer produced a completely fresh proof of a well-known theorem";
    - new, novel
  5. Not canned or otherwise preserved
    "fresh vegetables"
  6. Not containing or composed of salt water
    "fresh water";
    - sweet
  7. Having recently calved and therefore able to give milk
    "the cow is fresh"
  8. With restored energy
    - invigorated, refreshed, reinvigorated
  9. Not soured or preserved
    "fresh milk";
    - sweet, unfermented
  10. Free from impurities
    "fresh air";
    - clean
  11. Not yet used or soiled
    "a fresh shirt";
    - unused
  12. Improperly forward or bold
    "don't be fresh with me";
    - impertinent, impudent, overbold, smart, saucy, sassy [N. Amer], wise, lippy
Adverb: fresh  fresh
  1. Very recently
    "we are fresh out of tomatoes";
    - newly, freshly, new

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