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Definition of Guide

Verb: guide  gId

  1. Determine the direction of travelling
    - steer, maneuver [US], manoeuver [non-standard], manoeuvre [Brit, Cdn], direct, point, head, channelize, channelise [Brit]
  2. Accompany somebody somewhere to show them the way
    "we guided him to our chief";
    - lead, take, direct, conduct
  3. Be a guiding or motivating force or drive
    "The teacher guided the gifted students towards the more challenging courses";
    - steer
  4. Use as a guide
    "They had the lights to guide on";
    - guide on
  5. Pass over, across, or through
    "He guided his eyes over her body";
    - run, draw, pass
Noun: guide  gId
  1. Someone employed to conduct others
    - usher
  2. Someone who shows the way by leading or advising
  3. Something that offers basic information or instruction
    - guidebook
  4. A model, standard or outline to follow or adapt
    - template, templet
  5. Someone who can find paths through unexplored territory
    - scout, pathfinder
  6. A structure or marking that serves to direct the motion or positioning of something

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