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Definition of Slur

Noun: slur  slur

  1. (music) a curved line spanning notes that are to be played legato
  2. A disparaging remark
    "it is difficult for a woman to understand a man's sensitivity to any slur on his virility";
    - aspersion
  3. A blemish made by dirt
    - smudge, spot, blot, daub, smear, smirch
Verb: slur (slurred,slurring)  slur
  1. (music) play smoothly or legato
    "the pianist slurred the most beautiful passage in the sonata"
  2. Speak disparagingly of; e.g., make a racial slur
    "your comments are slurring your co-workers"
  3. Utter indistinctly
  4. Become vague or indistinct
    "The distinction between the two theories slurred";
    - blur, dim

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