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Definition of Stall

Noun: stall  stol

  1. A compartment in a stable where a single animal is confined and fed
  2. Small area set off by walls for special use
    - booth, cubicle, kiosk
  3. A booth where articles are displayed for sale
    - stand, sales booth
  4. A malfunction in the flight of an aircraft in which there is a sudden loss of lift that results in a downward plunge
    "the plane went into a stall and I couldn't control it"
  5. [Brit] Seating in the forward part of the main level of a theatre
  6. Small individual study area in a library
    - carrel, carrell, cubicle
  7. A tactic used to mislead or delay
    - stalling
Verb: stall  stol
  1. Postpone doing what one should be doing
    "He did not want to write the letter and stalled for days";
    - procrastinate, drag one's feet, drag one's heels, shillyshally, dilly-dally, dillydally
  2. (driving) come to a stop
    "The car stalled in the driveway";
    - conk
  3. Deliberately delay an event or action
    "she doesn't want to write the report, so she is stalling"
  4. Put into, or keep in, a stall
    "Stall the horse"
  5. (air travel) experience a stall in flight, of airplanes
  6. (air travel) cause an aeroplane to go into a stall
  7. Cause an engine to stop
    "The inexperienced driver kept stalling the car"

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