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Definition of Toned

Adjective: toned  townd

  1. Having or characterized or distinguished by tone or a specific tone; often used in combination
    "full-toned"; "shrill-toned"; "deep-toned"
  2. Having or distinguished by a tone; often used in combination
    "full-toned"; "silver-toned"
Verb: tone  town
  1. Utter monotonously and repetitively and rhythmically
    "The students toned the same slogan over and over again";
    - chant, intone
  2. Vary the pitch of one's speech
    - inflect, modulate
  3. Change the colour or tone of
    "tone a negative"
  4. Change to a colour image
    "tone a photographic image"
  5. Give a healthy elasticity to
    "Let's tone our muscles";
    - tone up, strengthen

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