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Definition of Yield

Verb: yield  yee(-u)ld

  1. Be the cause or source of
    "He yielded me a lot of trouble";
    - give, afford
  2. End resistance, as under pressure or force
    "The door yielded to repeated blows with a battering ram";
    - give way
  3. Give or supply
    "This year's crop yielded 1,000 bushels of corn";
    - render, return, give, generate
  4. Give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another
    - concede, cede, grant
  5. Give in, as to influence or pressure
    "yield, and save your souls";
    - relent, soften
  6. Move in order to make room for someone or something
    "'yield,' he told the crowd";
    - move over, give way, give, ease up
  7. Cause to happen or be responsible for
    "His two singles yielded the team the victory";
    - give
  8. Be willing to admit or forced to agree
    "I yield you this much";
    - concede, grant
  9. Be fatally overwhelmed
    - succumb
  10. (investment) bring in
    "How much does this savings certificate yield annually?";
    - pay, bear
  11. Be flexible under stress of physical force
    "This material doesn't yield";
    - give
  12. Cease opposition; stop fighting
  13. Consent reluctantly
    - give in, succumb, knuckle under, buckle under
Noun: yield  yee(-u)ld
  1. Production of a certain amount
    - output
  2. The income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property
    "the average yield was about 5%";
    - return, issue, take, takings, proceeds, payoff
  3. An amount of a product
    - fruit
  4. The quantity of something (as a commodity) that is created (usually within a given period of time)
    "yield was up in the second quarter";
    - output, production

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