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Definition of Dandy

Adjective: dandy (dandier,dandiest)  dan-dee

  1. Very good
    "he did a dandy job";
    - bang-up, bully, corking [Brit, informal], cracking [Brit, informal], great, groovy, keen, neat, nifty, not bad, peachy, slap-up, swell, smashing, grouse [Austral, NZ], ripper [Austral], lovely
Noun: dandy  dan-dee
  1. A man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
    - dude, fop, gallant, sheik, beau, swell, fashion plate, clotheshorse
  2. A sailing vessel with two masts; a small mizzen is aft of the rudderpost
    - yawl

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Anagrams containing the word dandy

ddany ydand dydan ndyda andyd