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Definition of Lined

Adjective: lined  lInd

  1. Bordered by a line of things
    "tree lined streets"
  2. (used especially of skin) marked by lines or seams
    "their lined faces were immeasurably sad";
    - seamed
  3. Having a lining or a liner; often used in combination
    "a lined skirt"; "a silk-lined jacket"
Verb: line  lIn
  1. Be in line with; form a line along
    "trees line the riverbank";
    - run along
  2. Cover the interior of
    "line the gloves"; "line a chimney"
  3. Make a mark or lines on a surface
    "draw a line";
    - trace, draw, describe, delineate
  4. Mark with lines
    "sorrow had lined his face"
  5. Fill plentifully
    "line one's pockets"
  6. Reinforce with fabric
    "lined books are more enduring"

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