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Definition of Sheer

Adjective: sheer (sheerer,sheerest)  sheer

  1. Complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as an intensifier
    "got the job through sheer persistence"; "sheer stupidity";
    - absolute, downright, out-and-out, rank, right-down
  2. Not mixed with extraneous elements
    "sheer wine";
    - plain, unmingled, unmixed
  3. Very steep; having a prominent and almost vertical front
    "a sheer descent of rock";
    - bluff, bold
  4. So thin as to transmit light
    "sheer silk stockings";
    - diaphanous, filmy, gauzy, gauze-like, gossamer, see-through, transparent, vaporous, vapourous [Brit, non-standard], cobwebby, vapoury [Brit, Cdn], vapory [US]
Verb: sheer  sheer
  1. Turn sharply; change direction abruptly
    "The motorbike sheered to the right";
    - swerve, curve, trend, veer, slue, slew, cut
  2. Cause to turn sharply or change direction abruptly
    "She sheered her car around the obstacle"
Adverb: sheer  sheer
  1. Straight up or down without a break
    - perpendicularly, orthogonally
  2. Directly
    "he fell sheer into the water"

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