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Definition of False

Adjective: false (falser,falsest)  fols [N. Amer], fóls or fols [Brit]

  1. Not in accordance with the fact, reality or actuality
    "gave false testimony under oath"; "false tales of bravery"
  2. Arising from error
    "a false assumption";
    - mistaken
  3. Erroneous and usually accidental
    "a false start"; "a false alarm"
  4. Deliberately deceptive
    "false pretences"
  5. Inappropriate to reality or facts
    "false hopes";
    - delusive
  6. Not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article
    "false teeth";
    - fake, faux, imitation, simulated
  7. Designed to deceive
    "a suitcase with a false bottom"
  8. Inaccurate in pitch
    "a false note";
    - off-key, sour
  9. Adopted in order to deceive
    - assumed, fictitious, fictive, pretended, put on, sham
  10. (used especially of persons) not dependable in devotion or affection; unfaithful
    "a false friend";
    - untrue
Adverb: false  fols [N. Amer], fóls or fols [Brit]
  1. In a disloyal and faithless manner
    "his wife played him false";
    - faithlessly, traitorously, treacherously, treasonably

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